Mr Beanbag! The Beta Version!

You can now download a fully playable beta version of Mr Beanbag in your choice of two formats: 584k zipfile of the ADF of the disk of the demo, or
BeanBeta.lha 592k LHA archive that you can extract to your Amiga's hard disk and run the way Commodore intended, if you're so inclined.

2007 Halloween Level 138k zipfile.
beanween.lha 148k LHA archive.

© Jigsaw Lounge/Glastonbridge 2011

The Manual:


Any AGA Amiga (A1200, A4000 or an AGA capable emulator).


This game can be run simply by booting the disk, or by clicking on the "Beanbag" icon.

To install, simply drag the disk or contents of the archive to wherever you want it and it will run from there.

You can't quit back to DOS yet though so make sure you don't run it if you're in the middle of something important!


Title screen menu

Use the joystick to navigate the menu. Press fire to select an option.

You can save your game by writing down the code that appears on the "Continue Game" submenu and entering it again later. Pressing fire on the code rotates the characters left by one place. Move the joystick sideways to change the last character.

Select "New Game" to start back at the beginning.

Map screen

Use the joystick to navigate the map. Press fire to play a level.

Esc: Quit to title screen.

In game
Left: go left
Right: go right
Down: roll down slope; you must be on a slope to do this If Mr Beanbag goes too fast he will start to roll anyway. Keep holding the direction you want to roll as well else you will come to a stop quite soon.
Fire: Jump

(When stopped):
Up: Look up
Down: Look down

Esc: Quit to title screen.


Jump on the bad guys to kill them - but not if they have spikes! Ouch!

Roll into the bad guys to kill them - but not if they have a shield! Boing!

Eat JELLYBEANS for protection. You lose 7 when you get pinched, if you have none, you lose a life. Beans also come in packets of 7.

Touch the RED STARS to turn them green and set a restore point. You will restart here if you lose a life.

Eat HEXCUMBERS - 100 gains you an extra life!


Touch the EXIT GATE to end the level.

Also watch out for secret bonus blocks and secret passageways!


As this is the Beta version, there is still some work to do. You may find a bug or two, if so please let us know. Otherwise the game is playable right through until the very last boss, which is invincible until we code the end-of-game sequence, but if you get that far, you are doing well!

Have fun!

Amy & Alex
Mr Beanbag © 1998-2005 Jigsaw Lounge
All Rights Reserved, whatever that means.