About Mr beanbag:

Mr Beanbag is a fast-paced platform adventure for AGA Amigas (A1200/A4000 or a recent emulator). Dash through more than 40 levels spanning 10 distinct zones to rescue Mr Fizzy Pop from the evil Count Gazpacho! Explore the world, from Mr Beanbag's home in Verdant Valley, through ancient ruins, a towering city, desert oases and Indian palaces, in this exciting quest to discover the Count's secret mansion buried deep beneath the Antarctic. And don't forget to keep eating those jelly beans!

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Current Progress:

17 2/15 out of 17 3/4

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+ Mr Beanbag on Amigos Podcast

Amigos podcast have high praise for Mr Beanbag!

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[spacefish, 2017-07-30 13:39:57] Reply

Verdant Valley

The zone where Mr Beanbag begins his mission to rescue Mr Fizzypop.


Evening music


The valley!

Ancient Ruins

Old buildings, getting stung by wasps, sailing across lakes in a raft. All these things happen in the Ruins.

Sky High City

Once through the Ruins, Mr Beanbag catches a train to the City. This is exciting stuff, you know.

Super Oasis!

A fast-paced dash across the desert. Full of danger, excitement, and cacti.


Would it be a bad use of metaphor to call this zone spicy? Yes, it probably would. We don't need to resort to obvious cliches. Not all the time, anyway.


Up in the sky! How did you get there? Never mind that, how are you going to get down again?


It's cold, it's windy, it's full of penguins!

Spooky Caves

Woo, a ghost! Aaaaargh! Watch out for lava flows. Super railcart action! But don't get lost...

Marble Mansion

I think I fancy a gin and tonic. That is, if that scary-looking suit of armour with an axe will let me! I wonder what's behind the bookcase?

Techno Temple

The final zone. You must face Count Gazpacho, but first you must fight his hordes of robot minions! Also featuring lasers.
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